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125,00 SEK

"In The Mood" (CPVCD1401) released on Sweden's leading blues company, CeePeeVee Records. The disc is of course brand new and wrapped in cellophane.

Leverans: 1 - 2 veckor
Ytterligare information

Blues4U is led by young fabulous harmonica Mathias Anderse'n. On guitar we find the great guitarist Thomas Hammarlund. On bass Stefan Lindell and on drums is Michael Johansson. Eminent guest on the record is Fredrik von Werder on piano and some songs are also played by the very same record company director Clas Parmland on both guitar and fingerprints. 8 of the record's 14 songs are written by the members of the band. Everything goes in a really authentic Chicago & Louisiana style "old school" but in a modern and fresh vintage.